An Altruistic Activity

Volunteering for Clinical Trials

Voluntary work is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable activities you can do. Knowing that you have given up your free time to make a difference in people’s lives is exceptionally worthwhile. One of the lesser-known volunteering opportunities is that of clinical trials or medical research. Participation in these trials is occasionally rewarded with payment, but many of them are voluntary or simply pay travel expenses.

What is Involved in Clinical Trials?

There are many renowned medical research companies that require volunteers on a regular basis to test new drugs. One of them is, who are undisputed leaders in the drug development industry. You can read their findings online and see the difference they have made to patients with chronic illnesses. Their trials are carefully scrutinized to ensure there is no risk to life.

Qualifying Conditions

There are usually several qualifying conditions to be accepted as a volunteer for medical research. These can be based on age, gender, or ethnicity. Typically, you will be expected to have blood tests before, during, and after the trial. You may be given the actual drug to test or what is known as a placebo, which doesn’t contain any active ingredients. You will not know whether you have been given the real drug or not.

It can be quite a lengthy process to determine if you are suitable. An initial screening visit will require a thorough examination by a doctor, which itself could take up to four hours. You will then be invited to visit the clinic to ensure you are comfortable with its surroundings.

Is It Safe to Volunteer for Medical Research?

Antaros Medical has an excellent safety record. They specialize in developing drugs for liver disorders and work with many scientists and experts in the field. As a volunteer for Antaros, you can be secure in the knowledge that you have potentially helped to save somebody’s life. Occasionally, an overnight stay is necessary to fully observe the results of the drug. More than likely, you will be expected to be a non-smoker, as this could otherwise skew the results.

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