An Altruistic Activity

Plan a Comfortable Space for Volunteers

Volunteering is much like work, except the workers are unpaid. Large volunteering events still require logistical project planning and volunteer staff. From distributing food to securing donations for worthy causes, more than 970 million people across the globe volunteer every year. For volunteers who supervise others, planning starts well before the day of the event. Develop a welcoming space for a volunteer meeting. Invite volunteers to participate in the planning process. Prepare a space to host volunteers during the planning stages.

Meet with managers

Even though a volunteer is not paid, he still expects a seamless end-to-end experience. Creating a comfortable space for volunteer meetings is one way to develop and maintain long-term relationships. Styling with Bemz sofa covers, brings vibrant colors and easy-to-use designs. The room should look good, because every detail is important. Offering a continental breakfast or brunch snacks are a good idea. Volunteers like to be fed during meetings and at the volunteer location. Bemz covers also help to protect the sofa from liquid spills and food stains, which leaves the planner free to focus on logistics.

Develop a plan

Volunteer events are usually task heavy. Thousands of non-profits rely on volunteer to meet milestones and yearly objectives. By creating a work plan and calendar, the event manager brings order to the process. A work plan simply assigns tasks to all those involved in volunteering. As a part of the plan, the volunteer manager may gather with other volunteers to discuss the project prior to the day of the event.

Write a list of all the things required for the volunteering event to go smoothly. Assigning those items to members of the team early to ensure each person understands which role he plays. Details are important. From noting the creative schematic to creating a diagram of the space. Distribute regular information and updates to each member of the volunteer team. It’s important that volunteers understand how important they are to the process.

Enjoy the experience

Plan to enjoy the experience. Volunteering is work. Sometimes in the middle of all the planning, organizing, and implementing, volunteers forget to enjoy the time spent with one another. Make enjoying the experience just as important as the tasks at hand. Write encouraging notes to the team members to start the day. Appreciation goes a long way in building a positive team experience. Take time during the event to check with volunteers, ensuring everyone is comfortable and on point. At the end of the event, take time to thank the volunteers with a small note or gift of appreciation. For large volunteer projects, planned over several months, an after party is appropriate. After all the planning and implementation, volunteers deserve a little fun.

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