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How to Target Potential Volunteers Through Posters

Not sure how to get people fired up about an upcoming volunteering program? First, you need some awesome poster design that will turn heads. If this sounds like a challenge because you don’t have experience in design work, relax because this post has all the steps you need to create targeted volunteer recruitment posters.

Steps to Create Stunning Volunteer Posters Templates

Posters and flyers are great ways to catch the attention of people looking for volunteer opportunities. Volunteer recruitment requires strategic poster designs and placement. Here is how to get started.

Find a Suitable Template

Designing a volunteer poster starts with selecting a perfect template from a credible source. There is a bunch of poster frames from Desenio to inspire your work. Choose the style and color that matches your organization. The available frame materials at Desenio are easy to assemble and guarantee protection against external elements, keeping posters in their pristine condition for longer.

Keep it Professional

There are countless resources to customize volunteer recruitment posters, from editing tools to attractive fonts. A good poster design has plenty of negative space, so it doesn’t seem cluttered or hard to read the exact message. The negative (white) space separates design elements like borders, text, and images. This allows the features to breathe, making your posters look clean and professional. If you have overflowing facts, it would be best to add them to your social media pages and website.

Color Filter

Suppose you have a background image with so much going on that any text becomes hard to decipher. A good way to help the text stand out is the use of a color filter. Draw a colored square above the background image and tweak the square’s opacity till the image comes through. For instance, a blue color filter can make white text stick out. Depending on the kind of volunteer forum you’re promoting, you may opt for a highly conspicuous design. Pink, blue, and green colors have a wide appeal. In the same way, sans-serif font would be a safer option to communicate the plan.

Educate the Audience

It is crucial to include all the requirements for the target audience in a big, legible text. People want to know the benefits of the program to decide whether it is a worthy course. Make good use of images and icons and highlight contact details and web addresses. There are key things to note down when designing leaflets for volunteer recruitment:

  • An introduction to your organization
  • About the opportunity at hand
  • A balance between a striking and professional poster

If possible, create a brochure with comprehensive details of the work volunteers are expected to do, plus volunteer testimonials. Don’t forget to set up digital ads targeting prospects looking for the same opportunities online.

Lastly, get permission before distributing the posters. If you will be posting in schools, get official stamps and seals from the institution. Do not place the signage in places that do not relate to your organization’s mission. For instance, it is more sensible to put posters in community centers than in entrances to golf courses.

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